one minute monument, performance intervention, 1999

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one-minute-monument This was a series of ephemeral living monuments in which I orchestrated 15 people to spread within one block on a busy downtown street at a weekday lunch hour and simultaneously hold one minute poses. At every five-minute interval each person stopped, closed their eyes and opened their mouths for one minute after which […]

Chute, performance, 1999

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Chute The performance moved 100 glasses and a small amount of water from one end of the hallway to the other, taking 3-4 hours. This slow method continued towards the final precipice where they fell over the stairs or out the loading dock. Dérapage Contrôlé, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu & Montreal, QC, Canada, 1999

It would sound like this., performance, 1999


It would sound like this. Spoken word performance Edgy Women, Montreal, QC, Canada / The Message is the Medium, Toronto, ON, Canada, 1999

Falling, performance, 1999


Falling Run into the moment, head on. Watch it go by. This performance functioned in two parts: in the first part I ran into a wall wearing a flour-filled costume, which exploded into a cloud of dust. In the second part I stood on a precarious structure and used voice and movement to expand into […]

Les vivaces / Living Space, performance installation, 1999

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Les vivaces / Living space This project took place in my apartment where I had lived for several years. Although I still lived there during the piece I had emptied it of my belongings and focused on the details of the rooms themselves. The lack of general living comforts brought the attention towards the details […]

Untitled (arms), performance intervention, 1993-99

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Untitled (arms) During this performance I stayed at a window for several hours with my 30 feet / 9m long sleeves hanging out to the sidewalk below. The sleeves ended in flour sacks that pounded and sifted on the cement. In the first version a spoken word audio piece played from speakers hanging out the […]