Perdre ses bois

Walking through the forest carrying three wooden chairs. The video speaks towards the weight of absence and the grieving process.

Carrying three wooden chairs in her arms through the wintry woods, one of them previously belonging to her grandmother, Rachel Echenberg’s performance plays on the artist’s physical relationship with her materials. As she works to juggle the three irregular objects, the artist’s labored maneuvering is witnessed by the viewer: first from a distance, barely perceptible through the trees like an apparition or a wild animal, and then, gradually, from up close, revealing the fine details of her choreography. Sound is particularly important in this film, as wooden legs chime against each other, creating an echo that resembles locking antlers or the hammering of a woodpecker. – Didier Morelli

link to video
Jardins sans murs / Garden without walls, Grantham Foundation for the Arts and the Environment
co-curated by Ji-Yoon Han and Didier Morelli, director of photography Bogdan Stoica


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