Video Screenings 2024

April 1, 2024

Conversation with my Husband
August 15, 2024, VFP2024, Théâtre de Verdure du parc La Fontaine, Montréal, QC
May 29, 2024,  La Voûte #16 : Invisible. Désormais visible. /Unseen. Just Now Visible. GIV, Montreal QC

Perdre ses bois
April 25, 2024, Jardins sans murs – Manif11, Cinéma Beaumont, Qc

April 2024, Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina


February 22, 2024

March 9, 2024
An evening of long duration actions + launch : Inter #143 / VIVA! PortfolioAteliers Belleville, Montréal/ Tio’tia:ke


January 16, 2024

January 13 – April 14, 2024
Cet endroit que nous appelons MAISON, curated by Katherine-Josée Gervais
Centre D’expo Inouï, Saint-Siméon, QC


Online Screening

September 17, 2023

Empreintes cinétiques on Vithèque
August 15, 2023 – October 16 2023
curated by Denis Vaillancourt

Online Screening

May 11, 2023

Garden Without Walls/Jardins sans murs
Grantham Foundation for the Arts and the Environment
Co-curated by Ji-Yoon Han and Didier Morelli
Perdre ses bois, Rachel Echenberg

Presentation & Screening

April 5, 2023

Empreintes cinétiques, a series of video works by Rachel Echenberg 2001-2023
April 27, 2023, 7PM
Vidéographe and Dazibao, curated by Denis Vaillancourt

Video Screenings 2023

March 13, 2023

Conversations with my Family / Conversations avec ma Famille

Conversations avec ma famille (Mari, Fille Adulte, Adolescente), March 2023
Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse, France

Conversation with my Adult Daughter, February 2023
Curatorial Incubator: Program #3: What do you mean you don’t love me? Or, How to stop worrying and get in the tub, Curated by Delilah Rosier, Vtape and Niagara Artist Centre, Ontario, Canada


January 26, 2023

Esse art+opinions, no.107: Famille/Family, Winter 2023
Portfolio: Rachel Echenberg, Noémi Fortin
Article: La famille comme laboratoire de création/The family as creative laboratory, Alexandra Tourigny Fleury


January 10, 2023

January 1-8, 2023, Jardins sans murs
Grantham Foundation for the Arts and the Environment, QC


November 8, 2022

Biennial 15, Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition, Nov.3 – Dec.3, 2022
Warren G Flowers Art Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal, QC


Public Art

September 22, 2022

September 24-October 16, 2022
Zoom Art Laval, curated by Geneviève Goyer-Ouimette
Métro Montmorency, Laval, Quebec


September 6, 2022

July 16, 2022
La Traversée des Grandes Eaux
Atelier du Hézo Art Contemporaine, Le Hézo, France

Video Screenings 2022

March 4, 2022


September 3, 2022
Les Percéides, Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques, Gaspésie

July 2-9, 2022
Tranas at the Fringe, Tranas, Sweden

April 6-30, 2022
Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse France

March 16 – 27, 2022
Festival International du Film sur l’Art and MUTEK, Montreal
Absorptions, curated by Aseman Sabet


January 6, 2022

January 3-17, 2022
Research Creation Residency
Daïmon, Gatineau, QC


August 2, 2021

collaboration with Clara Worsnip
RLAP, September 11, 2021
Le Lieu, Quebec, QC

Video Screenings 2021

August 1, 2021

How to explain performance art to my teenage daughter.
Comment expliquer l’art performance à ma fille adolescente.

Oct. 21, 2021 The Curatorial Incubator, v.17: On the Other Side – It’s Heaven, Program #3 – Embodied Intimacies: Gesturing Towards Understanding, curated by Ashley Raghubir

Sept.11, 2021 Inter Media Art Institute – The Age of Unreason curated by Wanda vanderStoop

Collaborative Educational Project

June 16, 2021

PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art
July 7-August 1, 2021


June 11, 2021

Seuls et Ensembles, créer du lien, June 6- 26, 2021
collaboration with Sebastien Worsnip, curated by Martin Dufrasne
AdMare, Îles de la Madelaine

Artist Dossier

April 12, 2021

Le Sabord: rives et affluents, no 117, mars 2021


February 10, 2021

Ciel Variable, No116, winter 2021
Conversations avec ma famille, Charles Guilbert