Comment tenir le vide, video, 2023

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Comment tenir le vide : 3 tentatives (How to hold the emptiness: 3 attempts) The central theme of loss in this performative video work is portrayed through the attempt to hold onto breakable and intangible elements: glass, wind, sand or intimate relationships. Although the video actions implicate some endurance, they mostly speak to poetic connections […]


Esse art+opinions, no.107: Famille/Family, Winter 2023 Portfolio: Rachel Echenberg, Noémi Fortin Article: La famille comme laboratoire de création/The family as creative laboratory, Alexandra Tourigny Fleury


January 1-8, 2023, Jardins sans murs Grantham Foundation for the Arts and the Environment, QC


Biennial 15, Fine Arts Faculty Exhibition, Nov.3 – Dec.3, 2022 Warren G Flowers Art Gallery, Dawson College, Montreal, QC  

Public Art

September 24-October 16, 2022 Zoom Art Laval, curated by Geneviève Goyer-Ouimette Métro Montmorency, Laval, Quebec


July 16, 2022 La Traversée des Grandes Eaux Atelier du Hézo Art Contemporaine, Le Hézo, France

Video Screenings 2022

Couple September 3, 2022 Les Percéides, Grande rencontre des arts médiatiques, Gaspésie July 2-9, 2022 Tranas at the Fringe, Tranas, Sweden April 6-30, 2022 Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse France March 16 – 27, 2022 Festival International du Film sur l’Art and MUTEK, Montreal Absorptions, curated by Aseman Sabet


January 3-17, 2022 Research Creation Residency Daïmon, Gatineau, QC

Boxed, performance, 2021

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Boxed in collaboration with Clara Echenberg Worsnip We enter carrying large cardboard boxes filled with glass dishes. The interior of the boxes are amplified so that the audience hears the glass as it bangs together. We let go of the bottoms of the boxes, letting the glass objects crash on the ground. We put the […]


collaboration with Clara Worsnip RLAP, September 11, 2021 Le Lieu, Quebec, QC

Video Screenings 2021

How to explain performance art to my teenage daughter. Comment expliquer l’art performance à ma fille adolescente. Oct. 21, 2021 The Curatorial Incubator, v.17: On the Other Side – It’s Heaven, Program #3 – Embodied Intimacies: Gesturing Towards Understanding, curated by Ashley Raghubir Sept.11, 2021 Inter Media Art Institute – The Age of Unreason curated by Wanda vanderStoop

Collaborative Educational Project

PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art July 7-August 1, 2021

Video Screening

July 1- 27, SPANE 2021: Water, online RPL film theatre, Regina, Canada  


Seuls et Ensembles, créer du lien, June 6- 26, 2021 collaboration with Sebastien Worsnip, curated by Martin Dufrasne AdMare, Îles de la Madelaine

Artist Dossier

Le Sabord: rives et affluents, no 117, mars 2021


Ciel Variable, No116, winter 2021 Conversations avec ma famille, Charles Guilbert    


Conversations avec ma famille, March 5- 28, 2021 Le Lieu, Québec, QC  


Conversations avec ma famille, September 3 – October 3 2020 Galerie B312, Montreal, QC  

Conversations with my Family, video series, 2020-22

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Conversations with my Family An ongoing series of one-to-one performance videos that attempts to gage the scale, force and weight of intimate interactions. Begun in 2018, this video project measures familial connections against a variety of landscapes. Each non-verbal conversation requires endurance and patience to structure a portrait of the relationship. Conversation with my Husband, […]


24 images #194, 2020 Pour les enfants : transmettre, désirer, Marc Mercier