two, nine, five and three

This work was comprised of several actions in which different groups of people blew up latex structures (reconcstructed weather balloons). In each action, individual effort and breath filled the object, allowing it to take on elegant and comical shapes that could allude to language, organic sensual forms and/or molecular structures. The actions overtook the spaces they inhabited, pushing bodies apart, morphing into one single object/space/language/body.

two with Sébastien Worsnip, Link&Pin, curated by Adrianna Disman, Montreal, 2015
nine, five and three, Visualeyez, curated by Todd Janes, Edmonton, Alberta, 2015
nine with Caitlin Burt, Christine Rikard, Guadelupe Martinez, Jacob Dutton, Leila Plouffe, Luciana D’Anunciaçao, Mitch Chalifoux and Todd Janes
five with Guadelupe Martinez, Luciana D’Anunciaçao, Megan Gnanasihamany and Morgan Melenka
three with Leila Plouffe and Sarah
by Cian Cruise:
by Leila Plouffe:


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