Triptych: House of Dust (32321123)
in collaboration with Sébastien Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip

This performance was inspired by Allison Knowles’ 1967 computer-genrated poem, The House of Dust, which emphasized the idea of “house” as an accumulation of possibilities, as something in constant movement, without fixed dimensions. Instead of a house I brought my family. Instead of an architecture I proposed a structure for the audience to work with. My performance was a triptych: one artwork divided in three parts. To simplify things, I named each part – one, two and three – not to be confused with beginning, middle and end as my performance had no order and unfolded in a non-linear, non-hierarchical and repetitive structure. I gave the audience control of how the piece played out by asking them to choose the order of the actions… Tension, love and absurdity melded together but the actions never repeated as expected.

Fonderie Darling Foundry, Montreal, Quebec, 2017

Photos: Manoushka Larouche

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