Triptych, performance 2019

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Triptych (211321132323) with Sébastien Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip This performance was a triptych: one artwork divided into three sections. Each section was simply named one, two and three – not to be confused with beginning, middle and end as the performance had no order and unfolded in a non-linear, non-hierarchical and repetitive structure. The […]

Couple, installation 2019, video 2022

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Couple with Sébastien Worsnip A couple stands in stillness, facing each other from individual islands surrounded by water. Their bodies interrupting the endless blue surroundings. The movement of the tide and the light slowly transforms the landscape, altering both the terrain and their connection to each other. Time and shape become the continually changing measurements […]

Incommensurable / Unmeasurable, photo series, 2019

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Incommensurable / Unmeasurable This photo series was begun in 2018  on Anticosti Island with Sébastien Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip. The vast and isolated spaces of the island, highlighted themes of proximity and distance, connection and dislocation within the family structure, and allowed me to use the relationships themselves as a measure of space. The […]

Chez Vous. Portraits Domestiques, photos and drawings, 2019

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Chez Vous. Portraits Domestiques Chez vous. Portraits domestiques marque, dans le parcours de Rachel Echenberg, un terrain d’exploration nouveau. Le projet implique cinq familles, choisies hors de son cercle de connaissances, dans une démarche créative visant la réalisation de portraits. Les familles ont été invitées à un processus de rencontres avec l’artiste qui s’est échelonné sur […]