two, nine, five and three, performance, 2015

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two, nine, five and three This work was comprised of several actions in which different groups of people blew up latex structures (reconcstructed weather balloons). In each action, individual effort and breath filled the object, allowing it to take on elegant and comical shapes that could allude to language, organic sensual forms and/or molecular structures. […]

How to Explain Performance Art to My 12-Year-Old Daughter, performance, 2015

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How to Explain Performance Art to My 12-Year-Old Daughter, with Clara Echenberg-Worsnip Referencing Joseph Beuys’ 1965 performance How to explain pictures to a dead hare, mother and daughter embraced the intricacies of understanding art. We covered each other’s face and head with honey followed by gold leaf while a projection of sentences described the Beuys […]

Rain Garden, Performance, 2015


Rain Garden Standing in front of an open window, I sprayed an entire can of Rain Garden scent air freshener inside my clear dome umbrella. Although it was me being soaked with the product, its smell forced people to move farther and farther away. LEGS, performance art relay, Montreal, Quebec, 2015 photo: Manoushka Larouche