With Couch, photos 2014-17

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Family Portrait with Couch, photo, 2014 with Sébastien Worsnip, Zoe Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip Self-Portrait with Couch, photo, 2017

Family Portrait, photo series and video, 2014-2016

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Family Portrait with Sébastien Worsnip, Zoe Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip A series of photos and a video taken while each member of my family blew up their own weather balloon. The balloons expanded to the point of blocking out each individual and pushing our bodies apart. VIDEO  

Boiler Room, photo and video, 2014

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Boiler Room Hundreds of still photographs of a figure moving within an unusual interior. The solitary figure melds into the colour coded pipes and machinery as the light streams into this basement room in a manner that is reminiscent of a 17th century Dutch interior painting. ACTUS II, La Fabrique de la Théâtre, Frameries, Begium, […]

Confetti, performance, 2014

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Confetti This action begun outdoors with a large bag of confetti, an object normally used in a quick instant. Instead, the confetti was placed carefully one by one in the cracks of the courtyard bricks. The action went on for one hour until a large rainfall ended the performance and washed away its trace. ACTUS […]

Houses, performance, 2014

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Houses Houses was a performance in which I cut, folded and stapled approximately 500 houses made from recycled papers. These filled the gallery and became the basis of the performance in which I sang, spoke and yelled into individual houses, smoked cigarettes that became chimneys in many houses and sprayed air freshener and dirty water […]