Chez nous, performance, 2012

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Chez nous with Sébastien Worsnip, Zoe Worsnip and Clara Echenberg Worsnip After I cut four large squares from a roll of paper, my husband and two daughters joined me, each of us folding, unfolding, cutting and stapling one of the squares into our own house. With the individual houses placed over our heads, we performed […]

At Home, performance, 2012

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At Home Wearing a clear Plexiglas house on my head I unrolled a large carpet of fake grass that took up more than half the floor space (12′ x 25′ / 3.7m x 7.6m). This forced the audience to be displaced to the sides of the room.  I outlined the perimeter of this rectangle in […]

House, performance, 2012

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House By folding, unfolding, cutting and stapling a large piece of paper I constructed a house. Once completely inside this paper structure, I used matches to light several cigarettes and burnt a “chimney” hole in the roof for the smoke to escape. I then turned on a hose and flooded the house from the inside, […]

Chez moi, performance, 2012

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Chez moi Wearing a clear Plexiglas house on my head I unrolled a large carpet of fake grass, which I outlined in blue chalk powder. I cut out a rectangular shape in the carpet and rerolled it, leaving the small green island. I continued this process throughout the gallery, continually cutting up the space and […]

Riez III, performance, 2012

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Riez III During the opening of the exhibition, I invited people to stand with me in one of the empty circles cut into the carpet and laugh for one timed minute. The floor piece, interviews with participants and documentation remained during the remainder of the exhibition. Interactions, Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, curated by […]