Home, performance, 2011

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Home I walked around the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station wearing a clear plexiglass house on my head and sat down at a terminal bench. I offered cigarettes to the people who surrounded me; the smoke clouded the house, making it more visible and me less so. I painted the Hebrew word ba-by-it (at home) […]

Practicing Positivity, performance, 2011


Practicing Positivity In the empty pool of the Bain St-Michel I rolled down a large sheet of paper on which I wrote the title, Practicing Positivity. I set fire to the paper and went to the middle of the pool wearing ear protection and carrying a bucket of soapy water. I tapped out a slow […]

Blind Spots, performance, 2011

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Blind Spots The performance was visible through a translucent screen covered in round holes, which flattened the image of the space so that only certain details could be focused on at once. I filled a tall glass with water, drank half of it and allowed the glass to slowly slip from my hand and crash […]



VIVA! Art Action, October 5-9, 2011 Galerie La Centrale, Bain St. Michel, Montreal, Quebec

Once Removed, video, 2011

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Once Removed Video, 5:22 minutes, 2011 A backyard gathering: three generations attempt to pose for a portrait. A look at the simultaneous potential for love, violence, chaos and order within (my) family. This experimental portrait is shot from two viewpoints: the outside eye looking down on the scene and the intimate close-up position at ground […]