Invisible, performance, 2008-09

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Invisible Over the course of several hours I attempted to make myself invisible by applying layer upon layer of concealer makeup. This action was performed in a café, a shopping mall food court, an empty apartment and the window space of an abandoned building. Préavis de désordre urbain, Marseille, France, 2008 Carbon Interiors, Hamilton Artist […]

Overflow, performance, 2008-09

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Overflow One at a time, audience members pressed and held glasses to my body until I was entirely surrounded. This group then walked me through the museum to the farthest tunnel where I seemed to be offering them a glass of wine but I was so focused on keeping eye contact that I poured the […]

Abandon, performance, 2008


Abandon This piece focused on body saturation and an attempt to contain oneself through a series of simple and direct actions. In the second version, I wore silicon ear molds that had speakers inserted outwards from them so that a sound/noise piece (reminiscent of a radio constantly changing stations) projected out of my ears as […]

Riez, performance, 2008

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Riez I Standing in the middle of a public fruit market, I invited passerby to laugh with me for one timed minute and then leave. Infr’action Festival, Sète, France, 2008 VIDEO

Reaction, performance, 2007-08

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Reaction In the first version of this piece I stood still having a manufactured nosebleed while a very loud sound piece of urban noise filled the room. In the second version, I set a timer for ten minutes and watched the audience silently while my nose bled until the timer rang. La Centrale, HTMlles 8 […]

Help, performance drawing, 2007-08

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Help During the Baie St-Paul symposium artists create work in an open public setting for four weeks. Each day I would spend four hours drawing a different typography of the word HELP on the same 6×4 foot surface that I would erase at the end of the day. The repeated action created an accumulation of […]