Blanket (snow), video, 2003

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Blanket (snow) Video, 4:42 minutes, 2003 The Blanket series is comprised of three videos that each deal with the human body succumbing to and being covered by specific natural conditions: either snow, pigeons or tides. By placing the body in exposed and vulnerable positions, these video-actions play with the simultaneity of exterior and interior states, […]

Fondre: une série de sensations hivernales, performance intervention, 2003

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Fondre: une série de sensations hivernales This project was a series of anonymous outdoor interventions that integrated ice objects and actions with the uncontrollable aspects of the winter weather. These events became part of the continuum of a three-month process that ended with a gallery performance-presentation with snow and ice. Les filles de la cité, […]

body-house: conversations, performance intervention, 2003

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body-house: conversations From 9-5 I sat in the promenade of the Vancouver Public Library with different participants amplifying various parts of our bodies to speakers set up around us. Expect Delays, Artspeak, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2003