The Water Nymph Project, performance installation, 1997-98

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The Water Nymph Project The Water Nymph Project was based around a 400-year-old living water fountain statue, who liked to chat with passersby about anything, from the weather to her personal desires. Over time she had forgotten much of her allegorical past and now lived as a contemporary woman who made a living by selling […]

Unravelled, installation, 1997


Unravelled Rotating aluminum rods installed close to the ceiling of the gallery unrolled a selection of strings and ribbons throughout the duration of the exhibition. The rods were geared onto a variety of motors that ranged from one-rotation-per-second to one-rotation-per-hour. She was, was a book accompanying the exhibition that told a short story of a woman […]

Zoe is Afraid of Flowers, video, 1997

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Zoe is Afraid of Flowers Video, 8 minutes, 1997 This urban fairy tale used flowers and fire as metaphorical connections between beauty and fear. The video juxtaposed social behaviours with the desire for a sensory (and perhaps childlike) understanding of the world.